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Grow Your Audience and Avoid Rabbit Holes with a Daily Social Media Management Checklist
February 13, 2021
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How to stop disappearing down the rabbit hole when you’re monitoring your business socials with a daily social media management check list

Ever find yourself disappearing down a social media rabbit hole when you’re meant to be monitoring your business socials? As a conscientious business owner, you have a ‘quick look’ at your notifications, then before you know it, you’ve been sidetracked by gossip or doom scrolling and an hour has been wasted… Sound familiar? You’re not alone! It happens to me too which is why I created a daily social media management checklist to stay focussed.

Here are some healthy daily social media habits for monitoring your notifications, engaging with your audience and finding new followers without getting distracted…

  1. Try setting a timer for 10 – 15 minutes (per account) to check notifications and engage with your followers and target audience.
  2. Use a daily checklist and tick off each task when it’s completed

For example, my morning routine involves 10-15 minutes on each client account as follows:


  • Like and reply to mentions, retweets and DMs
  • Decide whether to follow back new follows or add to a list
  • Check your Twitter lists (not the main feed) -Like, reply and retweet with comment where appropriate
  • Save any interesting articles to the Pocket app or a content planning spreadsheet
  • Check trending topics


  • Check and respond to notifications (likes, replies, comments and DMs)
  • 10 minute feed scroll to engage with followers and potential followers posting under your target hashtags – Make sure you’re following your target hashtags. If you’re following a lot then check the most recent posts under those tags, like and comment on new posts
  • Search for your location and like and comment on the most recent posts
  • Check your ‘explore’ tab to find new accounts to interact with
  • Save posts that spark an idea or need a well thought through outreach message
  • Comment on 5-10 stories


  • Check and respond to notifications on page and inbox -Invite people who have reacted to posts to like the page
  • Go to your page’s news feed (stay away from your personal feed) – engage where appropriate
  • Check local or niche groups – add value in groups by being helpful and joining in conversations
  • Save posts that you want to share later

Additional Tasks

I also have a quick look at page insights, check ad accounts, and then do a 5-10 minute notification check in the afternoon.

When you set a time limit on this activity it helps to focus your mind on the task at hand and cuts time wasting. Yes, I still get distracted by notifications and Twitter is the ultimate rabbit hole… But, having set times and a time limit really does help.

You know, It takes just over two months for new behaviour to become automatic so write a daily Social Media Management Checklist and start cultivating these new habits today!

This list makes up a small part of social media management, there are so many other tasks to complete everyday, such as content planning, creating graphics and videos, writing captions, scheduling posts, ads management etc… If social media marketing is distracting you from the things you do best in your business, why not outsource it? Have a look at our packages or get in touch for a bespoke solution to fit your budget.

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