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Your Content Plan for March
February 28, 2021
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What to post on Social Media in March for your Cornish Business?

There are so many content opportunities on the calendar, it might be difficult to know where to start when it comes to what to post on social media in March. So, let’s cut the overwhelm and have a look at what you can prioritise this month. 

Perhaps most significantly, we finally have a roadmap for re-opening and welcoming visitors back to Cornwall! It’s a very cautious shift this month but it’s time to prepare and communicate your plans clearly.

Key Dates on the March Roadmap

8 March

Back to School

Meet one person outside

29 March

Rule of 6 or 2 households outdoors

Outdoor sport and leisure

Inspire your audience with your social media content in March

Pretty much everyone is longing for in-person connection right now, and with many keen to get out of their local area, we have seen a scramble for accommodation bookings in Cornwall. So, as the destination of fun, freedom and relaxation, let’s be a source of hope and inspiration this month. Remind your customers what they have been missing and your role in their dreams and plans. Review your best photographs, capture the beauty around you and consider what micro-stories you can share to inspire them.

1. Imagery

Good images can help to convey a message quickly and effectively. So, get clear on what you want your audience to feel and do. To tap into this, it’s important to consider what is most likely to motivate them. What experiences (that you provide) are they are yearning for?

Is it… A glass of wine with friends? An alfresco breakfast with a view? A wander around an art gallery or boutique? A stroll on the beach in their new spring wardrobe? An exhilarating adrenaline rush? Let’s see those stories in your images and videos. Remember – your customer is always the hero of your story so they need to be able to imagine they are in it!

Creating great visuals isn’t just for Instagram, it’s more likely to get your posts shared on Facebook too, and shares = better reach (more eyes on your posts). One of the best bits of advice I’ve had about being successful on Facebook is that people share posts that make them look good or say something about who they are. Think about that when you’re planning your posts.

2. Captions

Bring these micro moments and visual stories to life with descriptive, aspirational captions. 

To show how amazing their life can look (with your product or service), It really helps to think about how your customers feel when experiencing it. Write these feelings down when you’re planning your content. Look for the adjectives they use when talking about the experience you provide and use that in your captions.

Social Media Content themes in March

March is the month of renewal, celebrations and the start of spring.  Have a look at the calendar and decide which dates, events and awareness days would be relevant for you to build a promotion and social media content around.

As we emerge from the effects of our hibernation through winter and lockdown, we’re looking at spring cleaning and refreshing our homes, gardens, wardrobes and lifestyles! Share how you’re spring cleaning or preparing your business for re-opening (remembering what’s in it for your customers). Plus, how your products and services fit into your customers desire for renewal. Ask them what they are spring cleaning.

The first week of the month sees St Piran’s Day. All Cornish businesses can join the celebrations on Friday 5 March, so get creative with St Piran’s flag and what you love best about Cornwall.

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the women in your business, community or family. 

With Mother’s Day on 14 March, your promotional activity should be running in advance of the day itself. Last minute orders of your products and services will start ramping up now.

With restrictions still in place, usually busy days for hospitality such as Mother’s Day and St Patricks Day will be different this year, but you can still weave these themes into your content with tips or tutorials on creating great DIY experiences.

World Sleep Day on 19 March is a good opportunity for hotels, guest houses and accommodation providers. Show off your rooms and reference the luxurious or relaxing experience you provide. Good quality photography and video is crucial here.

Spring Equinox on 20 March heralds the start of spring, and the clocks go forward on 28th March, so spring and summer themes should be threaded through your content and communications. 

We couldn’t let International day of the Seal go unmentioned as one of our favourite charities, BDMLR are fundraising for a new seal pup hospital in Cornwall. Help spread the word about our beautiful wildlife with your seal photos and support the Crowdfunder here

For more ideas on what to post on social media in March, print off our cornwall content calendar, get creative and start planning!

Don’t forget to research the correct hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and get some ideas. If you don’t have the calendar you can sign up below.

See our tips on getting organised with your content here

To talk about how this can work for your business, get in touch for a free consultation here

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