In less than eight years, all new cars must be electric. Action Net Zero helped Bristol get ahead of the game, aiming for easy, affordable action for a greener future for the city. They loved our dinosaur creative, and we rolled it out across outdoor and social media.


The Client

Action Net Zero supports residents, businesses, local authorities and communities to accelerate sustainable action and help tackle the climate crisis. Founded in 2020 by Pam Barbato, Action Net Zero exists to support communities in addressing the climate crisis – and to support the local economy, too.


What We Did


Petals Florist had a very small audience on Facebook but these were not the ideal client for this product. It was vital to grow their audience to ensure adverts reached the right people.


The first part of the plan was to complete a full audit of the Petal Boutique’s existing social platforms. Armed with this information a new strategy was created to achieve XYZ…


The audience grew by X% over X months, with a X% conversion rate from organic traffic resulting in a 25% increase in sales.


testimonial from pam about how responsive we were, how much she loved our creativity and values our ongoing support, seeing us as part of the ANZ team..

Pamela Barbato – founder of Action Net Zero